Spider Ham Radio 005

Download SHR 005 Blegh! The love story between Aunt May and Doc Ock continues in Spider-Ham Radio Theater! Plus Steve and Will talk about the Edge of Spider-Verse, Japanese Spider-Man and Kraven’s Last Hunt.

Spider Ham Radio 002

Download Spider Ham Radio 002 Spider-Ham Radio Episode 2: Theater: Spidey vs. the Vulture. News: What was so great about Superior Spider-Man? Whatever a Spider Can’t: Spidey vs. Electricity. Recommendations: ASM Family Business and The Arms of the Octopus miniseries.

Spider Ham Radio 001

Download Spider Ham Radio 001 Welcome to SPIDER HAM RADIO, in this first fantastic episode, we introduce the hosts,  swing into Spider Ham Theater, leap through the Amazing Spider-Man 2 likes and dislikes, tie up the character highlight, and more!