Pulp Pop 006 – Jimmy Cliff

Pulp Pop 006 – Jimmy Cliff
In this episode, Trent takes a look at Jimmy Cliffs 1969 self-titled album that defined the Rocksteady genre.
Jimmy Cliff (1969)

Jimmy Cliff reflected on this album in an interview with the AV CLUB:

My first big album, the second album I made [1969’s Jimmy Cliff], had a hit called “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” on it. It also had “Vietnam” and songs like that. It was my roots reggae album. After that, I went to Muscle Shoals and did another album called Another Cycle. Some of my fans were unhappy that I didn’t continue on my reggae train. So that was a chapter of my career that was incomplete. I always knew in my mind that I would complete it, and the way to complete it was to go back to the roots again.

From NJ.com:

During his Sunday night concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, Paul Simon welcome reggae great Jimmy Cliff as a special, unannounced guest. After mentioning that the rhythm of Cliff’s “Vietnam” inspired his own “Mother and Child Reunion,” he welcomed Cliff onto the stage, to sing on “Vietnam” (which Simon has covered, without Cliff, on other tour stops this year), “Mother and Child Reunion” and Cliff’s “The Harder They Come.”

Read about Jimmy Cliff in “The Guide to United States Popular Culture.”

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