Show Us Your Wits 053

Episode 053 [EXPLICIT]

The categories for this weeks’ first game are “Part of a Balanced Breakfast, “Ink in Your Mouth,” “National Geographic BEE,” “Pulled Punches,” and “It Happened Today, in the Past.”

The categories for this episode’s bonus game are “Tech Startup or Feminine Hygiene Brand,” “HIMYM,” “HOMOPHONES Even Mike Pence Can’t Discriminate Against,” “Gutterballs,” and “Canuck, Cook, or Crook.”

Thanks to JudgeFunkyBoy for our theme music and to Mega Ran for the use of his music. We truly do appreciate their support!

Reigning Champs: Regression to the Mean

Reigning Champs: Regression to the Mean

Internet Radio Wrestling 012


In this episode, T&T recap WrestleMania 33. What did they get right, and what did they get wrong? Additionally, one of Japan’s DDT Universe matches is called by special guest commentators Dick Logan and Tom Smoot.

Music used on the episode that you can own:
Strong Style from MatMania: The Revenge by Mega Ran
Lookin Up (Instrumental) from Mega Ran 10 Instrumentals by Mega Ran



Show Us Your Wits 052

Episode 052 [EXPLICIT]

The categories on the first game on this episode of Utah’s only pub trivia podcast are “Get ‘hi’,” “Rivers but not Cuomo,” “The Poppiest of Pop Music,” “Geographical Math,” and “I Love Trucks.”

The categories on the second game on this are “Tea Bagging,” “Potpourri,” “Every Day is a Woman’s Day,” “Shamrock Shake,” and “Who’s your daddy? Subsidiary Companies.”

Our intro music is by Tom Sherlock and additional music used is by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Tinder? Hardly know her!

Tinder? Hardly know her!

Show Us Your Wits 051

Episode 051 [EXPLICIT]

The categories on this episode’s first game are “Your Cousin Marvin,” “hi diddly ho neighborino,” “Gravity Challenged Birds,” “Tri-fecta,” and “TV Tunes: Live Action Fantasy.”

The categories on this episode’s second game are “Parental Deprivation: From Pedigree Pet Products to Mars Bars,” “The Body’s Bits,” “Benefits with Friends,” “The Golden Raspberry Awards,” and “Oh the Humanities!.”

Music by Tom Sherlock and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Winning Team: 80085

Winning Team: 80085

Show Us Your Wits 050

Episode 050 [EXPLICIT]

Categories for this week’s trivia are “Apocalypse Not Now – But Soon,”  “This Podcast Brought to You By,” “Flaritin,” “REAL Hip-Hop Beefs – not Twitter Flaming form 45,” and “Famous Faux Paus.”

The Categorizes for the bonus game are “Oh Wow, Wes Andesen characters,” “Who Said It: Trump or Brannigan,” “I’d Totally ‘ology That Body,” “There’s a South America?!,” and “Deez Nuts.”

Thanks to Tom Sherlock and HarderThanTheRest for their music.

Show Us Your Wits 049

Episode 049 [EXPLICIT]

Categories for this week’s episode of Utah’s only pub-trivia podcast: “Leaks In Russian Mattresses,” “I’ll Give You a Hint,” “Separate and Not Equal: US Territories,” “I’m not scared. You’re scared.,” “Lifetime Movie or Megadeth Song?”

In the second game on this week’s episode: “Should have seen it coming,” “How Fast Do You Want It?,” “TMNT Cartoon Roster,” “GOL!,” “TV Tunes: Teen Dramas.”

Thanks to Tom Sherlock for our theme music and atrox for our background music.

Image: Pintrest

Image: Pinterest

Show Us Your Wits 048

Episode 048 [EXPLICIT]
Categories on this week’s Pub Trivia Podcast: How does a robot laugh?, I Like My Court Like My Pizza: Supreme, Great Escape Artists, Bowl Movement, Bringing Sexy Bach.

A special bonus episode is included in this episode with these categories: Pikachu or Prozac, Pig Skin – but not Chicharones, It Happened Today In the Past, Trump or Flynt.

Music used in this episode is from @judgefunkyboy and rentafeefer.

Show Us Your Wits 047

Another two-games-per-one-episode podcast! The first game’s categories are “Eating Out’s Worst,” “Christmas Potpourri,” “Deceased Canadi-eh-n Actors,” “Kiss This Guy: Christmas Songs,” and “The Real Story Behind Star Wars Names.” The second game’s categories are “That’s What She Said,” “Big ‘ol Cities,” “Dicks of Note,” “Soul Food,” and “Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie?”

Special thanks this week for music from @judgefunkyboy and scottb55