Mr Jukebox

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Sometimes an album comes out that captures a sound with such perfect nostalgia, that it transports you to a completely different place and time. Joshua Hedley’s debut LP,¬†Mr. Jukebox, is one such album. The title for this collection of songs from this Nashville artists (a fixture of the local bar scene since his late teens) is spot on.

This album puts me on a stool, in the Golden Spur Cafe, circa 1961. Next to me is my great grandfather Elworth, his sweat-stained faded brown Stetson pulled back on his head, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Seeing him stare out the window, I can see he’s still missing¬†Lucille, even though it’s been 12 years.

And while you’d be hard pressed to ever find Joshua Hedley playing in a traditional jukebox, cutting through a smoke-filled dining room, it just feels like that would be the most fitting way to enjoy such a nostalgic sound.

Check out this album if you like Eddy Arnold, Patsy Cline, or Ernest Tubb. Listen if you hate pop country but love western music.

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