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A couple of weeks ago, one of my all-time, deseret island, top five artists came through Salt Lake City: KRS-One. I bought three tickets with the anticipation of rounding up some like minds to see “The Teacher” perform live. Seems like a good way to get out of the house and have fun social interaction. Additionally, online I connected with a few comic con friends with whom I was have sat on a Hip Hop and Comics panel (from Salt Lake), that were going to the show. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find two-other like minds to share my tickets with. I stayed home. I missed out on a bucketlist performance, because of what essentially came down to self-loathing (poor Trent has no friends, blah blah blah) and fear of doing something out of my comfort zone.


My good friend Tom (who is also one of my go-to music curration influencers) messaged me last week that Pedro the Lion was about to release a new album and a tour was to follow. Pedro the Lion has a specail place in my heart as his music was the soundtrack to high school years. Tickets went on sale and I bought two. This time, I’m determined to go. Even if my good intentions of finding someone to take and share the experience with fall flat, I’m going.

Pedro The Lion

Bonus: While buying my tickets to Pedro the Lion, I saw that the very following day, at the very same venue Japandroids will be performing. Japandroids make chest thumping, feel good, angsty garage rock that seems to be like cocaine form my soul. The band tours regularly, but they are a bucklist band for me, and I’ve not attended their past performances in Salt Lake. I bought two tickets.


In 2018, I’m trying to not weigh myself down by holding on. So I’m going to let go of the regret of missing KRS-One, and I’m going to let go of my self loathing (which sometimes feels good in a really fucked-up way -which I’ll write about more at a different) for not being able to find someone to go with me. I’m going to go to some awesome shows, and I’m going to have a ton of fun.

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