Show Us Your Wits 054

 In Erstwhile Podcast Network, Show Us Your Wits

Episode 054 [EXPLICIT]

The categories on this episode of Show Us Your Wits are “Bah Gods!” – “Bachmanity!” – “Technically a Fruit or Vegetable” – “Bureau of Soft Drinks, Tobacco, and Firearms” and “Canadian Capitals.”

On the bonus game of this week’s episode, the categories are “Double Box Office Penetration” – “Give The Devil His Due” – “Trivia has bitter roots but sweet fruits” – “Gene Wilder Film Quotes” and “Miller Analogies Test.”

Thanks to Tom Sherlock and Mega Ran for the use of their tracks on this episode. Check them out!

Winners: Pray For Iraq... I mean Syria.

Winners: Pray For Iraq… I mean Syria.

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