The Return of the Death Ray Mixtape

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When Death Ray Comics was a brick & mortar comic book shop, I tried to release a Spotify playlist ever Friday. Well, the time has come for the return of the Death Ray Mixtape.

There’s a scene in High Fidelity (one of my all-time, desert-island, top-five, favorite movies/books) where the protagonist, Rob says, “I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs” by The Beta Band.

I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs by The Beta Band.

As a curator of pop culture, there is nothing more fulfilling, more gratifying than having your taste validated.

I experienced this on a daily basis while running Death Ray Comics. Additionally, as the host of Show Us Your Wits, I always have participants in the bar ask me about the music that’s played. God, it feels great.

So, it is under the most selfish of reasons, I will now be posting regular Death Ray Mixtapes. The release of these playlists won’t be weekly (it is in fact true, adulting takes up far too much time), but I promise these selections will be well thought-out and based around a theme, meant to be enjoyed as a complete whole.

Customer: Who is that?

Rob: The Beta Band.

Customer: It’s good.

Rob: I know.

I look forward to sharing this with you. And if you tell me, “It’s good!” – please know that the highest thank you I can return is, “I know.”

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