Show Us Your Wits 053

 In Erstwhile Podcast Network, Show Us Your Wits

Episode 053 [EXPLICIT]

The categories for this weeks’ first game are “Part of a Balanced Breakfast, “Ink in Your Mouth,” “National Geographic BEE,” “Pulled Punches,” and “It Happened Today, in the Past.”

The categories for this episode’s bonus game are “Tech Startup or Feminine Hygiene Brand,” “HIMYM,” “HOMOPHONES Even Mike Pence Can’t Discriminate Against,” “Gutterballs,” and “Canuck, Cook, or Crook.”

Thanks to JudgeFunkyBoy for our theme music and to Mega Ran for the use of his music. We truly do appreciate their support!

Reigning Champs: Regression to the Mean

Reigning Champs: Regression to the Mean

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