Pulp Pop 008 – Ministry of Space

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Pulp Pop 008
In this episode, Will Kent gives us a taste of the alternate history graphic novel MINISTRY OF SPACE by Warren Ellis and Chris Weston. This episode is brought to you by Paul Cox of the Cotton Ponies and Twitter user @FredTegge.

Ministry of Space

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Laura Martin, Chris Weston
This is the story of how we could have gone to space. Maybe how we should have gone to space. This is the story of the Ministry of Space. The black budget that financed the move into space. The deaths of the test pilots, taken from the surviving Spitfire flyers of the Battle of Britain. And in 2000, the end of the Golden Age, as America and Russia begin moving into space. The secret revealed, and the destruction of a man who sacrificed himself for the Ministry of Space. Plus, a sketchbook section by CHRIS WESTON and an all-new appendix by WARREN ELLIS revealing the facts behind the fiction!

Contact Death Ray Comics to order your copy of Ministry of Space.

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