Internet Radio Wrestling 015

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This week TnT cover the forwards and backwarrds of pro wrestling; including Jinder Mahal Denies Steroid Use, Kofi’s Gets Injured, Shibata’s Subdural Hematoma, and more! (click below to read the full show notes)

Chickara - King of Trios 2009

Chickara – King of Trios 2009

Cold Open

Mega Ran “Spear and Jackhammer”

Let’s Go To The Ring
Chickara – King of Trios 2009 – Night Two

Kayfabe Angles
Revival took out Kingston’s leg to cover that he needed ankle surgery (f4w)

Shibata suffered a subdural hematoma after a 40-minute match of the year contender with Okada at Genesis. This covers him leaving for personal time.

Mega Ran “Spear and Jackhammer”

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