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This week TnT cover the ins and outs of pro wrestling; including WWE’s Black Monday, Big Show’s backstage brawl, upcoming indie shows, SEGA’s new WWE game and more! (click below to read the full show notes)



Upcoming Indie Draws

Clean Sheet

Behind the scenes wrestling news with citations and sources.

Money Marks

The business side of the business.

Pipe Bomb

Backstage/IRL turmoil that might spill into the ring.

  • Sean Waltman: Big Show Upset With After Battle Royal
    • “Before thing was even over Big Show had a bunch of guys that were in the Battle Royal back in the back and he was going off… I think it was over the stuff with him and Stroman. Because they had a moment there and I think the moment got taken from them too quick.”

Pop Pop

Which wrestlers are getting that ‘Pop Pop’?

  • Austin Ares
  • Finn Balor
  • Kurt Angle
  • Nakamura
  • Jericho as a face.

Push or Bury

Wrestlers who need to step out or sit back.

  • Roman Reigns (RAW) (obvious getting pushed down our throats, but heel push?)
  • Apollo Crews (SD)
  • TJ Perkins (CRSRWT)
  • Alliah (NXT)

False Finish

  • UCW – Tom’s Weekend – Upcoming Guerrero Match    ucw-zero is available for 9.99 a month on Vimeo

3 Count

  • One Thing You Liked This Past  Week
    • Tom-FITE Tv’s wrestlecon coverage
    • TH – WM Battle Royal
  • One Thing You Didn’t Like This Past Week
    • Tom- 7 hours of WM? Really? 7 hours?
    • Missing matches on Hulu but still getting ALL promo material
  • One Thing You’re Excited for This Coming Week
    • Tom- Roster shakeup and Sakura Genesis on 4/9.
    • Trent – AAA Wrestling XBOX 360


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