Internet Radio Wrestling 013

IRW 013 [EXPLICIT] This week TnT cover the ins and outs of pro wrestling; including WWE’s Black Monday, Big Show’s backstage brawl, upcoming indie shows, SEGA’s new WWE game and more! (click below to read the full show notes)

Internet Radio Wrestling 008

IRW 008 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week on Internet Radio Wrestling, Tom and Trent give thoughts on Smackdown Live’s network event, Backlash. Including a gush fest over the Miz and Ziggler’s match. Music on this episode is from Can’t Stop Won’t… Continue Reading

Internet Radio Wrestling 006

Internet Radio Wrestling 006 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week we say goodbye to the legend Dusty Rhodes, by watching his 1985 match for the NWA Heavy Weight World Championship, against The Nature Boy Ric Flair. This episode was sponsored by @mrz92243,… Continue Reading