Show Us Your Wits 045

Two episodes on this week’s podcast! The first episode’s (recorded 9-21-16) pub trivia categories are: “Do, Me, and other Two Letter Scrabble Words,” “It Happened Today, In The Past,” “Late Night Sneaky Non-Parental Mentor: The Batman Family,” “Just the Tip: Peninsulas,” and “Kiss This Guy: Butt Rock.” The second episode’s (recorded 9-28-16) pub trivia categories are: “Unbe-leaf-able!,” “I’m Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?,” “Some Prime Ribbing,” “The West Wing,” and “There’s a Boob In It.” Continue Reading

Show Us Your Wits 042

Show Us Your Wits 042[EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories this week on Show Us Your Wits are Not Living Colour, “SUM”MER SOLSTICE, Skate or Die, If you don’t BBQ, why’r you up in my grill?!, and A Different Set of Jaws.

Show Us Your Wits 037

Show Us Your Wits 037 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week’s categories on Utah’s only pub trivia podcast are What a Wookie, Fortune Flavors the Mold, Red Green Lines, Duggars Can’t Be Choosers, and Sushi. This episode was sponsored by Twitter user @MirandaJanell.… Continue Reading