Show Us Your Wits 056

Categories for the first game of this episode are “Sight For Thor Eyes,” “Your Special Parts,” “Fear and/or Loathing,” “No Whammies….,” and “Ensign? I hardly know him!”

Show Us Your Wits 055

Categories on this episode’s 1st game of Show Us Your Wits are “What do you do with a B.A. in English,” “Blinded by Science!,” “Wonder Woman Crush Wednesday,” “knock-down, drag-out trivia,” and [...]

Show Us Your Wits 054

The categories on this episode of Show Us Your Wits are “Bah Gods!” - “Bachmanity!” – “Technically a Fruit or Vegetable” – “Bureau of Soft Drinks, Tobacco, and Firearms” and “Canadian Capitals.”

Show Us Your Wits 053

The categories for this weeks’ first game are “Part of a Balanced Breakfast, “Ink in Your Mouth,” “National Geographic BEE,” “Pulled Punches,” and “It Happened Today, in the Past.” The [...]

Show Us Your Wits 052

The categories on the first game on this episode of Utah’s only pub trivia podcast are “Get ‘hi’,” “Rivers but not Cuomo,” “The Poppiest of Pop Music,” “Geographical Math,” and “I Love Trucks.”

Show Us Your Wits 051

The categories on this episode’s first game are “Your Cousin Marvin,” “hi diddly ho neighborino,” “Gravity Challenged Birds,” “Tri-fecta,” and “TV Tunes: Live Action Fantasy.”

Show Us Your Wits 050

Categories for this week's trivia are "Apocalypse Not Now – But Soon," "This Podcast Brought to You By," "Flaritin," "REAL Hip-Hop Beefs – not Twitter Flaming form 45," and "Famous Faux Paus." [...]

Show Us Your Wits 049

Recorded live every week at the Beehive Grill in Logan, Utah: Categories for this week’s episode: “Leaks In Russian Mattresses,” “I’ll Give You a Hint,” “Separate and Not Equal: US Territories,” [...]

Show Us Your Wits 048

A special 2 for 1 episode of Utah's only pub trivia podcast, recorded Feb 1, 2017 and July 20, 2016...

Show Us Your Wits 047

Episode 047 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Another two-games-per-one-episode podcast! The first game’s categories are “Eating Out’s Worst,” “Christmas Potpourri,” “Deceased Canadi-eh-n Actors,” “Kiss This [...]