Day By Holiday 007 – Title Track Day

Day By Holiday 007 (27:36) Steve talks about music for Title Track Day, while Sarah reveals that the only album she’s ever bought is one from *NSYNC. Definitely not the third album, but she [...]

Day By Holiday 006 – Buttermilk Biscuit Day

Day By Holiday 006 (27:48) Steve reads a Bojangles’ press release about the Cheddar Bo and Bo Berry Buttermilk Biscuits. He also sings a modified version of the Powder Milk Biscuit Song as [...]

Day By Holiday 005 – Tourist Appreciation Day

Day By Holiday 005 (34:27) Sarah tries to explain National Tourist Appreciation Day to Steve, who is not having any of it. Special thanks to Poor Moon for the use of their song [...]

Day By Holiday 003 – Jelly Bean Day

Day By Holiday 003 (21:10) Steve tries to defend jelly beans from Sarah, who hates all forms of sugar but chocolate. They also discuss some old-timey slang and Steve complains about his phone.

Day By Holiday 002 – Rubber Eraser Day

Day By Holiday 002 (17:17) Done some things you’re not proud of? Have some stuff you’d like to sweep under the rug? National Rubber Eraser Day might be for you! Or maybe erasers are [...]

Day By Holiday 001 – Draw A Bird Day

Day By Holiday 001 (11:27) Join Steve and Sarah Kent as they celebrate Draw a Bird Day and contemplate the fragility of life. Additional reading: Check out the Draw a Bird Day website!