A Pod of Him 007

A Pod of Him 007 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode Trent gives the origin story of the new Death Ray Comics location and we revisit the OG apartofhim podcast episode #7. This episode was [...]

A Pod of Him 006

A Pod of Him 006 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week Trent gears up for Ant-Man via Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Additionally, we revist the OG A Part of Him Podcast episode #6 and recpaps [...]

A Pod of Him 005

A Pod of Him 005 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Another week another Pod of Him. Along with catching up on the APoH Universe, we revist an OG apartofhim podcast in which Trent gets and Xbox 360. This episode [...]

A Pod of Him 004

A Pod of Him 004 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode, Trent reads some iTunes reviews and visits the episode #4 of the original A Part of Him Podcast, which is mostly about Carls Jr. This episode [...]

A Pod of Him 003

A Pod of Him 003 In this episode Trent revisits #3 of the A Part of Him Podcast, catches up on the Big Shiny Robot Swap Meet, trashes his tenants, and more! This episode is sponsored by Twitter [...]

A Pod of Him 002

A Pod of Him 002 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Trent is back with the recording that was his second podcast ever recording. This time he brings in his best bud Rick.

A Pod of Him 001

A Pod of Him 001 In this first episode of A Pod of Him, Trent makes a plea for help in finding his lost podcasts and shares the first podcast he ever recorded.