National Pizza Day

Trent celebrates National Pizza Day with the best pizza songs out there, complete with Spotify playlist and music videos. Enjoy, THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Taking the Risk of Moving On

...some of us hold onto guilt and shame far too long. There’s a strange security in misery. It’s almost comfortable. Taking the risk of moving on. That’s terrifying.

KRS-One / Pedro the Lion / Japandroids

A couple of weeks ago, one of my all-time, deseret island, top five artists came through Salt Lake City: KRS-One. I bought three tickets with the anticipation of rounding up some like minds to [...]




2017 – Stuck Out of Time

A linear sense of time is a human actualization. We have memories that allow us to visit the past. We have worries and anticipations that allow us to visit the future. I’m sure most of us spend a [...]


Top 10 Albums of 2017

Every Friday while at work, I scan through all of the newly released albums. I compile them into a "BEST OF" list. Currently, the 2017 list holds 1,128 songs. This is a hard thing to whittle into [...]

Death Ray Wrestling 019

On this episode T&T wrench on the CLEAN SHEET, throw to an AWA SCOTT HALL match, interview UCW-Zero’s Zack James, and more!

Death Ray Wrestling 018

In this episode, T&T drop the HIT LIST for this week in professional wrestling, dive into the DEATH RAY DUNGEON, and interview UCW-Zero's NICK VALENTINO.

Show Us Your Wits 056

Categories for the first game of this episode are “Sight For Thor Eyes,” “Your Special Parts,” “Fear and/or Loathing,” “No Whammies….,” and “Ensign? I hardly know him!”

Death Ray Wrestling 017

On this episode T&T give wrench the international reactions to champion Jinder Mahal, suplex the clean sheet, shoot on Extreme Rules, and more!