Internet Radio Wrestling 015

This week TnT cover the forwards and backwarrds of pro wrestling; including Jinder Mahal Denies Steroid Use, Kofi’s Gets Injured, Shibata’s Subdural Hematoma, and more! (click below to read the [...]

Show Us Your Wits 054

The categories on this episode of Show Us Your Wits are “Bah Gods!” - “Bachmanity!” – “Technically a Fruit or Vegetable” – “Bureau of Soft Drinks, Tobacco, and Firearms” and “Canadian Capitals.”

Internet Radio Wrestling 014

This week TnT cover the ups and downs of pro wrestling; including Simon Gotch’s release, the WWE roster shakeup, the whole Mauro-JBL crap show, and more!

Internet Radio Wrestling 013

IRW 013 [EXPLICIT] This week TnT cover the ins and outs of pro wrestling; including WWE’s Black Monday, Big Show’s backstage brawl, upcoming indie shows, SEGA’s new WWE game and [...]

Show Us Your Wits 053

The categories for this weeks’ first game are “Part of a Balanced Breakfast, “Ink in Your Mouth,” “National Geographic BEE,” “Pulled Punches,” and “It Happened Today, in the Past.” The [...]

Internet Radio Wrestling 012

In this episode, T&T recap WrestleMania 33. What did they get right, and what did they get wrong? Additionally, one of Japan’s DDT Universe matches is called by special guest commentators Dick [...]

Show Us Your Wits 052

The categories on the first game on this episode of Utah’s only pub trivia podcast are “Get ‘hi’,” “Rivers but not Cuomo,” “The Poppiest of Pop Music,” “Geographical Math,” and “I Love Trucks.”