Internet Radio Wrestling 011

T&T bring all of their Wrestlemania 33 predictions in this special episode of Internet Radio Wrestling.

Show Us Your Wits 051

The categories on this episode’s first game are “Your Cousin Marvin,” “hi diddly ho neighborino,” “Gravity Challenged Birds,” “Tri-fecta,” and “TV Tunes: Live Action Fantasy.”

Internet Radio Wrestling 010

This week, T&T revisit SATURDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT from March 13, 1987. Also featured and discussed is Bring It To The Table, Roman Reigns vs Undertaker, and a discussion on injuries in the WWE.

Show Us Your Wits 050

Categories for this week's trivia are "Apocalypse Not Now – But Soon," "This Podcast Brought to You By," "Flaritin," "REAL Hip-Hop Beefs – not Twitter Flaming form 45," and "Famous Faux Paus." [...]