Zeros N’ Heroes 085

Zeros N’ Heroes 085 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week we cover the cool: Games Done Quick, Hulk: Heart of the Atom, Over the Garden Wall – and we cover the stool: eBay Top-Seller [...]

4CC 012 – Grifter #1

4CC 012 – Grifter #1 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week on 4CC we get swindled by the DC’s New 52 Grifter #1. Intro music is by CSWS and outro music is by Glassic.

Show Us Your Wits 026

Show Us Your Wits 026 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories this week on Show Us Your wits are “The Fair is in August,” “Who Played What’s His Name?,” “It’s a [...]

Internet Radio Wrestling 007

Internet Radio Wrestling 007 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week Trent and Tom play Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone as they watch and comment on WCW’s 1995 World War 3, a sixty-man Battle Royal for [...]

Pulp Pop 010 – Does Not Commute

Pulp Pop 010 – Does Not Commute List on Soundcloud In this episode of Pulp Pop, Steve Kent takes us inside the iOS and Android mobile game, DOES NOT COMMUTE. This episode was sponsored by [...]

Zeros N’ Heroes 084

Zeros N’ Heroes 084 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week Trent and the Bros. Kent cover coo (Airboy #1, Vivid Vision, July Television Releases) and and stool (Unlevel audio in TV apps, Unplayable [...]

Show Us Your Wits 025

Show Us Your Wits 025 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week on Utah’s Only Pub Trivia Podcast: Border? I hardly know her!, Magic Swords, IBA Cocktails, EXPLOSIONS!, and Born in a State Capital of The USA.

4CC 011 – Domino Chance #1

4CC 011 – Domino Chance #1 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode of 4CC we spend time in the cosmic roach hotel that is Domino Chance. This episode was sponsored by Twitter users [...]

A Pod of Him 006

A Pod of Him 006 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week Trent gears up for Ant-Man via Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Additionally, we revist the OG A Part of Him Podcast episode #6 and recpaps [...]

Show Us Your Wits 024

Show Us Your Wits 024 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode of the only Pub Trivia Podcast in Utah the categories are “Odd Couple; 90s Sitcoms,” “Chicken Soup for the Niche [...]

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