4CC 009 – Shadow Blade #1

4CC 009 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode Trent and the Bros. Kent slice into the pages of Hot Shot Comics’ “Shadow Blade.” This episode was made possible by financial support [...]

Show Us Your Wits 022

Show Us Your Wits 022 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories on this week of the only Pub Trivia Podcast in Utah: Looney Tunes, 2016 GOP Candidates, Sock-It To Me, The Nick-Named Athlete, and Know Your [...]

A Pod of Him 004

A Pod of Him 004 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode, Trent reads some iTunes reviews and visits the episode #4 of the original A Part of Him Podcast, which is mostly about Carls Jr. This episode [...]

Pulp Pop 008 – Ministry of Space

Pulp Pop 008 In this episode, Will Kent gives us a taste of the alternate history graphic novel MINISTRY OF SPACE by Warren Ellis and Chris Weston. This episode is brought to you by Paul Cox of [...]

Zeros N’ Heroes 081

ZnH 081 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode we cover video game One Finger Death Punch, the graphic novel The Alcoholic, the beautifully crafted game Luminocity, and more! This episode was made [...]

4CC 008 – Kato II #1

4CC 008 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week Trent and the Bros. Kent chop through the pages of NOW COMICS 1992 Kato II #1. This episode is brought to you by Paul Cox of the Cotton Ponies and Twitter [...]

Show Us Your Wits 021

Show Us Your Wits 021 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories this week on the pub trivia podcast: Celebrity Fit Club, May 6th Anniversarios, Spacing Out, Country Song or Edgar Allen Poe, Cheap Skates: No [...]

Zeros N’ Heroes 080

Zeros N’ Heroes 080 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode of ZnH we see the return of Tweets of the Week, hate on ninjas, hacks, and gurus, gush over the Steam Summer Sale, and more! This [...]

Pulp Pop 007 – One-Punch Man

Pulp Pop 007 Steve Kent explains why the webcomic-to-manga (and soon to be released in print in North America) ONE-PUNCH MAN is a piece of culture worth checking out. This September we will [...]

4CC 007 – HaloGen #1

4CC 007 – HaloGen #1  [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode, we try to make sense of HaloGen #1. This episode was sponsored by @mrz92243,  @FredTegge, @teamwhitetrash, @mr_zombiman  and [...]

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