Show Us Your Wits 018

Show Us Your Wits 018 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories for this episode of Utahs only pub trivia podcast: Kung Fu? I just met you!, That’s Science, Yo!, Reporter? I hardly know her!, I learned [...]

Pulp Pop 006 – Jimmy Cliff

Pulp Pop 006 – Jimmy Cliff In this episode, Trent takes a look at Jimmy Cliffs 1969 self-titled album that defined the Rocksteady genre. Jimmy Cliff reflected on this album in an interview [...]

A Pod of Him 002

A Pod of Him 002 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Trent is back with the recording that was his second podcast ever recording. This time he brings in his best bud Rick.

Show Us Your Wits 017

Show Us Your Wits 017 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories this week for the only pub trivia podcast in Utah are April Fools-More Like April Stools, E-Sports, Lifetime Original Movie or Pulp Fiction [...]

Internet Radio Wrestling 004

IRW 004 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week Trent and Tom watch and comment on the 1989 Great American Bash Tuxedo Match between Jim Cornette and Paul E Dangerously. This episode was brought to you by [...]

A Pod of Us 007

A Pod of Us 007  [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Catch up with @judgefunkyboy and @apartofhim as they both vent out frustrations and catch-up on the happenings in their lives.

4CC 005 – Jack Frost #1

4CC 005 – Jack Frost #1 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week we find out who is too cool for school when we review Jack Frost #1 from 1987.

A Pod of Him 001

A Pod of Him 001 In this first episode of A Pod of Him, Trent makes a plea for help in finding his lost podcasts and shares the first podcast he ever recorded.

Show Us Your Wits 016

Show Us Your Wits 016 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories this week on #ShowUsYourWits: Threequels, Frenching in High School, Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy: The 90s, The Biological Basis of Behavior, [...]

Internet Radio Wrestling 003

IRW 003 – Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Se01ep01 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] T and T watch the CBS Saturday morning cartoon Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling, [...]

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