Show Us Your Wits 014

Show Us Your Wits 014 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] The categories this week on Utah’s only pub trivia podcast: Corporate Mascots, NASA, The Music of Rocky, Presidential Nicknames, and sleep.

Zeros N’ Heroes 078

ZnH 078 In this episode Trent, Tom, and Will discuss Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man, Spaceman, moving, and more!

Internet Radio Wrestling 002

IRW 002 – 1984 SHEIK VS HOGAN [EXPLICIT CONTENT]  T and T watch the history-making, January 23, 1984, Championship-Title Match, between the champion Iron Sheik and the contender Hulk Hogan.

Show Us Your Wits 013

Show Us Your Wits 013 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week’s pub trivia podcast categories: 4-Letter Birds, Lost in Translation, May the Force be With You, Lost in Cinematography, and Basesball.

A Pod of Us 006

A Pod of Us 006 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] In this episode TnT talk about mimes, The Master, mental health, and much more!

Show Us Your Wits 012

Show Us Your Wits 012 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] Categories on this episode of Utah’s only pub trivia podcast: ‘Ologies, St. Valantine’s Day Quiz-acre, Arbor? I Hardly Know Her, Video [...]

Pulp Pop 005 – Powsurfers / White Waves

Powsurfers / White Waves In this episode, Trent talks about the binding-less snowboard movement behind Grassroots Powdersurfing and the new documentary White Waves. White Waves – A [...]

4CC 004 – Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1

4CC 004 – Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week we burn rubber right into the Xenozoic age with Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1.  Name your own amount-donation and we’ll [...]

4CC 003 – X-Force #3

4CC 003 – X-Force #3 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week on 4CC we hide our feet in the cross-hatched shadows of the 1991 X-Force #3. Our own annotated copies of this comic book are aviailable for [...]