Spider Ham Radio 016

SHR 016 A meteor falls! It gives a guy superpowers! Will that guy build a “dazzle gun”? Yes! It’s The Looter!

Show Us Your Wits 011

Wits 011 [EXPLICIT CONTENT] This week’s pub trivia podcast categories are Psych!, Song-hai, Filmography of Fred Astaire, Astronomer- Harley Know Her, and Gymnastics. All this, plus [...]

4CC 002 – Eminem / Punisher #1 [EXPLICIT]

4CC 002 – Eminem / Punisher #1 This week on 4CC we enter the war zone and joust with the 2009 Eminem / Punisher one shot by Marvel Comics. So chill, this geeked out pod is ill, cuz this [...]

Fat Free SHR 009 – Gobin Funeral Five

Fat Free 009 Peter Parker delivers the eulogy at Norman Osborn’s fifth funeral. Spider Ham Radio is produced by the Brothers Kent for the A Part of Him Podcast Network. This episode, [...]

4CC 001- New Mutants Graphic Novel (1982)

4CC 001 In this first episode of 4CC, our critics explore the Marvel Graphic Novel No. 4 – The New Mutants.

On The Rack 033 – 6/4/15

On The Rack 033 This week ON THE RACK in your local comic shop Descender #1, Neverboy #1, Halogen #1, Big Man Plans #1, All-New Hawkeye #1 and more!

Spider Ham Radio 015

Spider Ham Radio 015 Spidey fights a blob! I mean, a robot! A … ro-blob? Plus: Witness the eerie precision with which Steve and Will predicted the events of Amazing Spider-Man 15!