Spider Ham Radio 009

Download SHR 009 Doc Ock and Aunt May’s WEDDING? That’s how this Spider Ham Radio Theater starts — wait till you see how it ends! Plus Will answers some questions from Ma Kent. [...]

Show Us Your Wits 002

Download 002 This week’s pub trivia categories: Endangered Animals, Canadian Holidays, They Can’t All Be Hits-Matthew McConaughey’s Worst Films, Firsts in the U.S., Name the [...]

WPF 018

Download WPF 018 Dr. Dave and Juice talk Survivor Series, Lucha Underground, Ring Of Honor PPV, and more!

Fat Free SHR 003 – Spider Mandate of the People

Download Fat Free SHR 003 Some post-election mayhem will change Spider-Man’s life forever … or else! Remember: Writing in a superhero on a ballot is not a victimless crime! Special [...]

Show Us Your Wits 001

Download 001 A Pub Trivia Podcast – This week’s categories: NFL Rule Book, Characters Unseen, Birth Control, History of Video Games, Finish the Lyric – 80s Hair Metal

WPF 017

Download WPF 017 This week in the WPF, the WWE preps to survive, the match of the week, a huge announcement from Global Force Wrestling, the butt fumble, and more!

Spider Ham Radio 008

Download SHR 008 Take a trip down to Goblin Town in Amazing Spider-Man 14, the first appearance of the Green Goblin! Plus Dr. Doom obliterates people’s problems on his own talk radio show! [...]

Pulp Pop 002 – Paul’s Boutique

Download Pulp Pop 002 In this episode, Trent talks about the Beastie Boys’ album “Paul’s Boutique.” Stream Paul’s Boutique on Spotify or buy Paul’s Boutique [...]

WPF 016

Download WPF 016 In this episode Doctor Dave covers Hell in the Cell to Survior Series, news and rumors, ROH going the toy route, and more!


Download Pulp Pop 001 Pulp Pop is a short podcast about pieces of culture that pop! In ths episode, Trent talks about the Joe Dante 1993 film Matinee. Music used in this episode is from Jahzzar: [...]

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