WPF 014

Download WPF 014 Juice joins the team and hilarity wins!

On The Rack 025 – 9/24/14

Download OTR 025 This week in your local comic book shop Aliens Fire and Stone #1, Bob’s Burgers #2, Bravest Warriors #24, Edge of the Spider Verse #3, and more!

Spider Ham Radio 005

Download SHR 005 Blegh! The love story between Aunt May and Doc Ock continues in Spider-Ham Radio Theater! Plus Steve and Will talk about the Edge of Spider-Verse, Japanese Spider-Man and [...]

A Pod of Us 002

Download A Pod of Us 002 It’s 3 AM and TnT are talking hockey, anime, the Dushkus, and more!

Zeros N’ Heroes 072

Download ZnH 072 Trent pods without Will Wilkins for a #NotNetHeads podcast and pulls in Steve, Mark, and Cassidy for a recap of their Salt Lake Comic Con experiences.

WPF 013

Download WPF 013 The Belly Twins are back and firing on all cylinders! Talking WWE, NXT, TNA, and have some exclusive interviews from the Salt Lake Comic Con you won’t want to miss!

WPF 012

Download WPF 012 Dave teams up with Trent for a no-holds barred review of all the summer wrestling action, from Summer Slam to TNA they’ve got it covered, including a special valet from Tom Sherlock.

Zeros N’ Heroes 071

Download ZnH 071 Zeros N’ Heroes is back! Trent and the Bros. Kent gush over Guardians of the Galaxy – spoilers ensue.

Spider Ham Radio 004

Download SHR 004 Spider-Man fights his high-school arch-enemy. Steve and Will recap the women of Superior Spider-Man, then talk about the time Peter bleached his costume.

A Pod Of Us 001

Download A Pod Of Us 001| Duration: 32:33 | Size: 14.9 MB Trent and Tom experiment and it get’s dirty… the dudes talk clerk work, baseball, and more!