2017 – Stuck Out of Time

 In Arete

Michael Cera the Dog

A linear sense of time is a human actualization. We have memories that allow us to visit the past. We have worries and anticipations that allow us to visit the future. I’m sure most of us spend a lot of our now traveling back to the past and into the future. Humans have created time-keeping constructs to rationalize our linear sense of time. Unlike their people, dogs do not have the (dis)advantages of these constructs.

Dogs don’t have episodic cognition; which means they aren’t capable of dwelling in the past or of perceiving a future. They are stuck in their own time. Some might see this as a sad perspective on reality. But think about this, each moment of dog’s life, is the most important and only moment that conceivably matters to him. When was the last time any of our moments mattered that much?

If I have one regret from 2017, it’s that I spent too much time living in the past and the future.

I hope we can all spend more time, like our dogs, being stuck in our own time.

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