Show Us Your Wits 012

Show Us Your Wits 012 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Categories on this episode of Utah’s only pub trivia podcast: ‘Ologies, St. Valantine’s Day Quiz-acre, Arbor? I Hardly Know Her, Video Killed the Radio Star, and Harry and the Hunsakers.

@WillDKent Is Not Impressed

@WillDKent Is Not Impressed

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Pulp Pop 005 – Powsurfers / White Waves

Powsurfers / White Waves
In this episode, Trent talks about the binding-less snowboard movement behind Grassroots Powdersurfing and the new documentary White Waves.
Pulp Pop 005 - Grassroots Powdersurfers


4CC 003 – X-Force #3

4CC 003 – X-Force #3 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week on 4CC we hide our feet in the cross-hatched shadows of the 1991 X-Force #3. Our own annotated copies of this comic book are aviailable for sale on our website.

X-Force #3 Cover Rob Leifield

Just look at those drum sticks… err… human thighs?

Get Your Own Copy of X-Force #3 – Host-Annotated and/or Virgin Copies Available

4CC 002 – Eminem / Punisher #1 [EXPLICIT]

4CC 002 – Eminem / Punisher #1

This week on 4CC we enter the war zone and joust with the 2009 Eminem / Punisher one shot by Marvel Comics. So chill, this geeked out pod is ill, cuz this cypher gonna buz on’a only friend a’ Makai Fyfer.

Eminem / Punisher #1

Who wore it best? – Eminem / Punisher #1

Eminem / Punisher #1

Eminem / Punisher #1

Eminem Punisher #1

Em ain’t got time to bleed!

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