Day By Holiday 002 – Rubber Eraser Day

Day By Holiday 002 (17:17)
Done some things you’re not proud of? Have some stuff you’d like to sweep under the rug? National Rubber Eraser Day might be for you! Or maybe erasers are only effective in a very narrow range of cases.

Special thanks to Poor Moon for the use of our theme, “Holiday,” from their self-titled album. Find it here:

Steve's phoenix proves his resistance to erasure.

Show Us Your Wits 039

Show Us Your Wits 039 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

Categories for this week are WISDOM BEFORE THE PERIOD, STICK IT, YOU KNOW KNOW DICK, WORLD LEADER OR NFL PLACEKICKER, and TV TUNES: 2000S Sitcoms. Our outro music this week is by MethodMark.

Oscar Wilde | Image: Public Domain

Oscar Wilde | Image: Public Domain

Show Us Your Wits 038

Show Us Your Wits 038 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week’s categories are Horror Tunes, What in the Hell is a Pokemon, Who Said It: The 60s, The Sand Lot, and Phobias. Outro Music found here.
Show Us Your Wits Winners

Show Us Your Wits 037

Show Us Your Wits 037 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week’s categories on Utah’s only pub trivia podcast are What a Wookie, Fortune Flavors the Mold, Red Green Lines, Duggars Can’t Be Choosers, and Sushi. This episode was sponsored by Twitter user @MirandaJanell.
Show Us Your Wits Winners

Show Us Your Wits 036

Show Us Your Wits 036 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
On this episode: Bunker or Trump, Retriever? I hardly know her!, No Double “Dip”ing, ABBA, Birthers: Vice Presidents. This episode was sponsored by twitter user @Targeter.

Porch Dicks Win Again! 

Show Us Your Wits 035

Show Us Your Wits 035 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This episodes pub-trivia categories are TV Tunes: 60s Sitcoms, LOGAN FILM FEST. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: D&D, Conscientious Objectors, and Born on Not The 4th of July.

The Porch Dicks

The Porch Dicks

Show Us Your Wits 034

Show Us Your Wits 034 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Categories for this week’s Show Us Your Wits: Pro Turned Show-Biz, Searching for Search Engines Past, Dung – but not finished, It Happened Today In The Past, and 9th Grade Chemistry.