Show Us Your Wits 038

Show Us Your Wits 038 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week’s categories are Horror Tunes, What in the Hell is a Pokemon, Who Said It: The 60s, The Sand Lot, and Phobias. Outro Music found here.
Show Us Your Wits Winners

Show Us Your Wits 037

Show Us Your Wits 037 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week’s categories on Utah’s only pub trivia podcast are What a Wookie, Fortune Flavors the Mold, Red Green Lines, Duggars Can’t Be Choosers, and Sushi. This episode was sponsored by Twitter user @MirandaJanell.
Show Us Your Wits Winners

Show Us Your Wits 036

Show Us Your Wits 036 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
On this episode: Bunker or Trump, Retriever? I hardly know her!, No Double “Dip”ing, ABBA, Birthers: Vice Presidents. This episode was sponsored by twitter user @Targeter.

Porch Dicks Win Again! 

Show Us Your Wits 035

Show Us Your Wits 035 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This episodes pub-trivia categories are TV Tunes: 60s Sitcoms, LOGAN FILM FEST. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: D&D, Conscientious Objectors, and Born on Not The 4th of July.

The Porch Dicks

The Porch Dicks

Show Us Your Wits 034

Show Us Your Wits 034 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Categories for this week’s Show Us Your Wits: Pro Turned Show-Biz, Searching for Search Engines Past, Dung – but not finished, It Happened Today In The Past, and 9th Grade Chemistry.



Show Us Your Wits 033

Show Us Your Wits 033 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week’s categories are Finish The Lyric: The Rolling Stones, MLB Teams By Parks, Real Sons of Anarchy, Episode V: Forest Fire Strikes Back, and OSCAR-WINNING DIRECTORS OF THE 1980s.

Show Us Your Wits 031

Show Us Your Wits 031 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Categories for this episode are TV Tunes: Reality 2000’s, Played by What’s Her Name, The Sound of Science, Mountains, and What’s In Your Drink?