Spider-Ham Radio 03

Steve, Will and guests (some planned, some not) warm up the mics before Kevin Smith’s visit to Death Ray Comics. Recoil in horror at the budding romance between Doc Ock and Aunt May! Examine the ethics of creating an unholy scorpion-man hybrid! Hear Will Wilkins threaten to sue us! Continue Reading

WPF 010

The “Belly Twins” are back in the ring bringing you recaps on RHO, TNA, WWE, speculate on the upcoming pay-per-view Pay Back, and more! Continue Reading


Spider-Ham Radio
Episode 2:Theater: Spidey vs. the Vulture. News: What was so great about Superior Spider-Man? Whatever a Spider Can’t: Spidey vs. Electricity. Recommendations: ASM Family Business and The Arms of the Octopus miniseries. Continue Reading

WPF 09

Wrestling Podcast Federation
Twinkle-Toes Tom is back in the podcasting ring this week and the duo is ready to bring the heat, covering Payback, WWE stocks, TNA, and more! Continue Reading