2017 – Stuck Out of Time

Michael Cera the Dog

A linear sense of time is a human actualization. We have memories that allow us to visit the past and worries and anticipations that allow us to visit the future. I’m sure most of us spend a lot of our now traveling back to the past and into the future. Humans have created time-keeping constructs to rationalize our linear sense of time. Unlike their people, dogs do not have the (dis)advantages of these constructs.

Dogs don’t have episodic cognition; which means they aren’t capable of dwelling in the past or of perceiving a future. They are stuck in their own time. Some might see this as a sad perspective on reality. But think about this, each moment of dog’s life, is the most important and only moment that conceivably matters to him. When was the last time any of our moments mattered that much?

If I have one regret from 2017, it’s that I spent too much time living in the past and the future.

I hope we can all spend more time, like our dogs, being stuck in our own time.

Top 10 Albums of 2017

Every Friday while at work, I scan through all of the newly released albums. I compile them into a “BEST OF” list. Currently, the 2017 list holds 1,128 songs. This is a hard thing to whittle into just 10 albums. But I always try to make a stab at it.  As with most of my annual best of lists, variety is of the utmost importance. I’ve tried to include an eclectic group of albums that while critically praised, may have missed your radar — that being said, Beck’s latest release is just so damned good that it had to be included. There were quite a few LPs released this year from artists that we haven’t heard from in quite a long time. I strongly urge you to check them out (e.g., Grandaddy, The Shins, Nelly Furtado, Soulwax, Pete Rock, and many others).

In no particular order, my favorite albums of 2017:

Mutoid Man
War Moans
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via RollingStone
Mutoid Man, the hyperactive supergroup spearheaded by Cave In singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky and Converge drummer Ben Koller, skillfully rides the rail between highbrow progcore and knuckleheaded hesher rock. Their second full-length is full of ripping, sub-three-minute rollercoaster rides jam-packed with finger-twisting riffs, head-snapping tempo shifts, oddball time signatures

The Dig
Bloodshot Tokyo
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via Spill Magazine
Bloodshot Tokyo is for those people who never knew that they loved the music of the 1960’s and 70’s. I have never been a big fan of music from this era, but this album made me reevaluate my musical tastes. The Dig has put a contemporary spin on psychedelic rock

Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas
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via Slug Mag
It should be a thing that any band boasting the name “Deltas” in it will be good. Catching this act in 2014, I was sold on Jessica Hernandez’s gothic take on soul. This band is moving, gripping and addictively dark. The new album, Telephone/Teléfono, takes the familiar style of

JD McPherson
Undivided Heart & Soul
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via AllMusic
Early in the recording of his third full-length album, 2017’s spirited Undivided Heart & Soul, JD McPherson paused the process to take Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme up on his offer to come jam at his studio in what amounted to a kind of creative jump-start

Iron Chic
You Can’t Stay Here
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via PunkNews
The ghost of Rob McAllister looms on You Can’t Stay Here, as expected. The founding guitarist died last year, age 36, and while many wondered how Iron Chic would soldier on, this record shows just how. It’s testament to the band’s will, desire to succeed and of course, the innate

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via RollingStone
Few have done it with Beck’s range, wit or soul. Which is why Colors is so welcome; it’s a brilliant attempt to reckon with – and put his own stamp on – modern pop in the late 2010s. The result is his most straight-ahead fun album since the Nineties

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ia PopMatters
In contrast, their seventh entry, Visuals, features only the other three original members (Wohlert, drummer Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen, and lead vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Jonas Bjerre) in addition to some help from guest guitarist Mads Wegner. As such, Visuals could either mark the trio’s artistic downfall or testify to how resilient and

Sky Ladder
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via Hot New Hip Hop
Former Das Racist member, Kool A.D. has been relatively quiet since he dropped off his 100-track mixtape called Peyote Karaoke back in September, but thankfully that changes here today. With little warning, the Bay Area artist decides to come through & release a brand new project called Sky Ladder

Will Sessions
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via The Irish Times
Will Sessions are the hardest-working funk soldiers in Detroit, an ensemble who have previously provided the raw ballast for acts such as Mayer Hawthorne, Danny Brown, Elzhi, Slum Village and many more to look and sound good. The collective have the chops and craftsmanship to turn tracks inside-out and upside-down

Daniel Deluxe
Desync (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1)
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via Steam
The soundtrack is what you’d expect from a game with cyberpunk aesthetics. Heavy hitting beats and a tempo to match the rhythm of your kills are the results of the talents of Daniel Deluxe and Volkor X. The best comparisons I can think of to these two artists are

Show Us Your Wits 056

Episode 056 [EXPLICIT]

Categories for the first game of this episode are “Sight For Thor Eyes,” “Your Special Parts,” “Fear and/or Loathing,” “No Whammies….,” and “Ensign? I hardly know him!”

Categories for this episode’s second came are “Emerald City Icons,” “Hambonin! – The Alexander Hamilton,” “World Record,” “Astrophysicists Do It Theoretically,” and “Hoggies and Grinders.”

Music provided by Tom Sherlock and HarderThanTheRest

Thor #300

Thor #300

Show Us Your Wits 055

Episode 055 [EXPLICIT]

Categories on this episode’s 1st game of Show Us Your Wits are “What do you do with a B.A. in English,” “Blinded by Science!,” “Wonder Woman Crush Wednesday,” “knock-down, drag-out trivia,” and “Sexually Absurd R&B Songs From The ’90s.”

The categories on this episode’s 2nd game are “Hat’s All Folks,” “Boxer? Hardly Know ‘er!,” “Geographic Potpourri,” “Root Root Root for the Home Team,” and “1995.”

R Kelly... You nasty!

R Kelly… You nasty!

Show Us Your Wits 054

Episode 054 [EXPLICIT]

The categories on this episode of Show Us Your Wits are “Bah Gods!” – “Bachmanity!” – “Technically a Fruit or Vegetable” – “Bureau of Soft Drinks, Tobacco, and Firearms” and “Canadian Capitals.”

On the bonus game of this week’s episode, the categories are “Double Box Office Penetration” – “Give The Devil His Due” – “Trivia has bitter roots but sweet fruits” – “Gene Wilder Film Quotes” and “Miller Analogies Test.”

Thanks to Tom Sherlock and Mega Ran for the use of their tracks on this episode. Check them out!

Winners: Pray For Iraq... I mean Syria.

Winners: Pray For Iraq… I mean Syria.