Show Us Your Wits 026

Show Us Your Wits 026 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Categories this week on Show Us Your wits are “The Fair is in August,” “Who Played What’s His Name?,” “It’s a Monster!,” “Le Tour,” and “TV Tunes: 2000s Drama.” Get Your A Pod of Him TShirts Here.

Le Tour

Internet Radio Wrestling 007

Internet Radio Wrestling 007 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
This week Trent and Tom play Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone as they watch and comment on WCW’s 1995 World War 3, a sixty-man Battle Royal for the vacant WCW title. Participants included Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, and Randy Savage. This episode was sponsored by Twitter users @RLE116.

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World War 3

World War 3

The Controversial Ending

A Pod of Him 006

This week Trent gears up for Ant-Man via Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Additionally, we revist the OG A Part of Him Podcast episode #6 and recpaps Trent’s first interaction with Will Wilkins. This episode was sponsored by Twitter users @Midnightsmoke1, @dwestover86,  @mayorofbeertown,  @TeamWhitetrash, @FredTegge,  @MirandaJanell,  and @DaxHansen.

Hillbilly Air Conditioning

Hillbilly Air Conditioning

Show Us Your Wits 024

Show Us Your Wits 024 [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
In this episode of the only Pub Trivia Podcast in Utah the categories are “Odd Couple; 90s Sitcoms,” “Chicken Soup for the Niche Soul,” “Deleware,” “What’s up dot?,” and “Brazil.” This episode was sponsored by Twitter users @Midnightsmoke1, @dwestover86,  @mayorofbeertown,  @TeamWhitetrash, @FredTegge,  @MirandaJanell,  and @DaxHansen.